There are 5 announced utilities to be released for Optimus Inu within the following months (not in order of release).


An application created to allow holders of OPINU to accumulate more tokens by pledging their tokens into locked pools. APY on OPstake is determined by how many have entered the pools and the length of the staking periods.


A decentralized exchange (DEX). The DEX will allow holders of OPINU to benefit from adding LP to farming pools and from the trading fees on the volume on OPswap.


A highly-addicting, arcade game made to bring exposure to both crypto and non-crypto audiences. Designed with Web3 and NFT functionality for crypto users, and also app stores for those still new to crypto.


A safe way for aspiring developers to incubate and launch contracts on different blockchains. The OPpad will supply trusted and audited contracts without malicious code.


The Optimus Inu Nft collection are 5000 masterfully drawn and randomly generated artworks on BNB blockchain. Not only will they have functionality in the game, but also distribute mint revenue to existing nft holders and the marketing budget.


There is always something new being developed in the lab. The Optimus Inu team is patron to many gifted developers that create outstanding applications for the project. In order to help other projects reach their full potential, Optimus Inu is creating a market for all the dApps they have created. Half the revenue will go back to our talented developers and half will be for $OPINU buybacks(In the event that marketing money is needed for OPINU, the revenue raised may be used for marketing). The team is available through telegram, twitter or email to discuss business matters.


In the near future Optimus Inu will be available on other blockchains with a shared supply across them all. To maintain the bridges sustainability there is a small fee to cover maintenance costs. The bridge was created with safety in mind and has many features to prevent malicious activity.

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